Battery-Operated Wireless Sensor Monitoring Reference Design (TIDM-WIRELESS-SENSORNODE)

This design, featuring the ultra-low-power MSP430 MCU paired with a sub-GHz RF transceiver, enables a battery-operated wireless sensor monitoring solution. This design demonstrates both access point and wireless nodes, which can share sensor data wirelessly using a network protocol called "SimpliciTI". A PC-side GUI is also provided to visualize the wireless data that is being transmitted/received between the various nodes and access point.


Low-power battery-operated wireless sensor monitor Features MSP430F2274 MCU and CC2500 2.4 GHz RF transceiver Leverages the SimpliciTI RF network protocol, which is capable of Point-to-point and star topologies. Hardware for this design is also available (ez430-RF2500) Complete HW design files, SW source code & PC-side GUI are provided This design can also be implemented for battery-less applications using energy harvesting power sources (ez430-RF2500-seh)


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Battery-Operated Wireless Sensor Monitoring Reference Design TIDM-WIRELESS-SENSORNODE

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