1-PWM Brushless DC Motor Control Reference Design (TIDA-00645)

This design is a 3-phase sensored Brushless DC Motor controller that uses a single PWM input for controlling speed and three active-high hall sensors for rotor position detection. The DRV8305's integrated commutation table simplifies the microcontroller firmware required for proper commutation. The DRV8305 automatically handles dead time insertion and gate drive current control, both of which can adjusted using the drivers SPI interface.


12 – 24 Volt Operation Control scheme requires only a single PWM Signal and three digital hall states Onboard header and pull-up resistors for direct connection of active-high Hall Sensors SPI communication between MCU and Driver for fast parameter adjustments Onboard JTAG header for in-circuit flashing of microcontroller firmware Small 3 x 2 inch board includes both power and control stage


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1-PWM Brushless DC Motor Control Reference Design TIDA-00645

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